we are reopening monday, april 12th

and here's everything you need to know!

We will only accept fully vaccinated clients for in-person training as of now. As time passes and the threat subsides we may modify this requirement. But as of now, we will require in-person members to be fully vaccinated and to provide PROOF of vaccination. 

  •  Vaccination Cards: "Fully vaccinated" means that you are a minimum of 14 days post second dose of Moderna/Pfizer or a minimum 14 days post first dose of Johnson & Johnson. You will be required to be "fully vaccinated" and to upload a picture of your COVID-19 Vaccination Record Card to Quoox in order to qualify for in-person training.  CLICK HERE for a video that will walk you through that process. 
  • The most current  CDC Guidelines will be met while inside the facility. Currently NO MASKS will be required for fully vaccinated people training in-person at Arena Fitness. This is consistent with CDC policy for small groups of fully vaccinated people meeting indoors. 
  • Individual Fitness Pods will be assigned upon arrival. Temperature Checks will be conducted prior to each session and recorded during "roll call." 
  • PPE will be provided for those who require it. Sanitization Stations that include hand sanitizer and gloves will be available in each location. 
  • Online Training will be conducted on Mondays, Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays. 
  • In-Person Training will be conducted on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. 
  • In-Person Training will require a COVID-19 Waiver to be filled out via Quoox every 15 days. 
  • Capacity will be limited due to the creation of individual fitness pods. 
If you want to continue online training or a mixture of in-person and online training, you will need to purchase equipment if you are currently borrowing ours.   

Recommended Equipment for online training: 

Mini Bands Light, Medium, Heavy Bands 


Women DB Range: 8-15 lbs. 2 sets are recommended 

Men DB Range: 10-25 lbs. 2 sets are recommended 

Kettle Bells 

Women KB Range: 8kg-12kg 

Men KB Range: 12kg-16kg 

Stability Ball 45cm Ball 

Foam Roller 3ft Round 

Web Site Recommendations for purchasing equipment:



More information will follow weekly. It's going to take a little work to coordinate a full reopening over the upcoming months, so please reach out with any questions, comments, to [email protected]

This is your FitnessHub!

FitnessHub is the portal for members of Arena Fitness Training Center, and is the new online version of the Quoox mobile app. It brings together many of the elements that make up your wellbeing and fitness program.

You can login to FitnessHub using your Quoox username and password.

Amongst many other things, you can review our schedule; add and amend bookings; access your documents; view your FitFlix videos, Weigh-Ins, Personal Bests, and Insights; and update your profile.  Where we have made them available, you can also purchase additional ad hoc credits; or items from our store.

We are continually adding to Quoox and FitnessHub, to support you with your wellbeing goals.  We'd love for you to browse to see what is available to you, and keep an eye out for alerts and messages from us telling you about new content we have added.